Monday, January 20, 2014

Tween Valentine Printable & Idea

Having 3 kiddos and a lot of birthday parties, I have a plethora of fun leftover party stuff that we have accumulated.  My daughter had a Rock-Star party for her 10th birthday and at her party we served bottled soda in glittery drink huggies.  We had some left and I thought they could make a fun Valentine this year!  You can pick up drink huggies from the $1 section of many stores.  Add a little paper shred to the inside, or candy if you would rather, and insert the printable Valentine.  These are a super fun Valentine for the tweens in your life! Download the printable here and feel free to follow PaperCharm so you will always know when something new is added!  What extra party stuff do you have?

Enjoy the printable!


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