Friday, April 10, 2015

A PaperCharm Farewell & Spring Coupon Code

Hello friends!  Thank you so much for your wonderful readership and patronage.  I will be closing PaperCharm Designs on Etsy and Facebook this month.  My passions are changing as I am growing more as a mother, wife, and child of God every stage of my life.  I began homeschooling my children in August of 2014, and in doing so I have learned so more about myself, my faith, and my children.  I absolutely cannot get enough of seeing my children learn and blossom before my eyes, each and everyday. Over the past year, I have spent less time professionally pursuing my passion in paper design.  I still love designing and sharing my creations with others, but I am looking forward to putting the focus of my passion back on my children while they are still young.  This site WILL remain here, however I will not guarantee that it will be updated. My printables that are featured here will remain printable, and all rights will still remain with me, PaperCharm Designs.  I will be going through my posts and making sure that all designs that were not previously available free as an instant download, will be changed to being available as such.

PaperCharm Designs on Etsy has a few listings remaining.  If you are interested in any of them, you may purchase and check out with my special SPRING15 coupon code for a 50% discount.  It does expire on April 30, 2015.

I cannot say that my blogging adventure is ending just yet, so you may want to stay tuned or follow me on Instagram.  I am really digging the homeschool scene, so who knows; perhaps I will start a homeschool blog.

Until next time, take care and lots of love!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Bunny Tails Treats and Free Printable Bag Toppers

Hi everyone!  I shared these adorable Bunny Tails Bag Toppers last year and they are still one of my favorite Easter printables!  In the event you are new to PaperCharm Designs, I am reposting this idea to be sure you don't miss it! I hope you enjoy! 

The idea of packaging up mini marshmallows is not a new one.  You can find it all over Pinterest, I am sure!  I have been using marshmallows for different themed treats for years though, and my kiddos always love it when I do.  It's such an easy treat to prepare, and a yummy one to enjoy.   This particular way of using mini marshmallows  is great for busy moms who would like to send something adorable for their child's class party, or even to sneak into an Easter basket! 

Feel free to download and print the tags here.  If you are not already, I would love you to follow PaperCharm on the blog or via any of the social media options available on the right side bar, this way, you will never miss a free printable.  Besides, it's fun to be social!

For more Easter ideas from PaperCharm Designs, click here!



Friday, March 13, 2015

Orange Soda April Fools' Day Joke!

Are you looking for some simple and fun jokes to play on your kids, this coming April Fools' Day? This Orange Soda April Fools' joke was fun to play on my kids last year, and one that resulted in a sweet surprise!

Get all the sweet details and a few tips about choosing an appropriate joke from last year's post, by clicking here.  

For more fun April Fools' jokes, you can visit my April Fools' Pinterest Board!  

I hope you are getting ready for a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

"YODA BEST!" Valentine's Gift Tags

Have I mentioned how incredible my kids are?  Well, they are!  I absolutely adore them!  This very valentine below, was my youngest child's favorite!  Who would have thought?  I knew he would be tickled over the whole "YODA BEST!" greeting, but the fact that the toothbrush not only has Yoda on it, but it also stands on its own... well that was awesome in his eyes! 

I personally love the simple design of the tag.  It's super kid friendly, but very charming.  Since this was such a fun Valentine for my little guy to receive, I want to make sure I make it available so you and yours can enjoy it, too!  

Click here to download and/or print via Google Drive.  Print on bright white card stock.  Cut out and punch a whole in the top.  Attach to gift with some ribbon.  Very simple and really cute.

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Printable Valentine's Gift Tags: You PAINT my world.

Hello!  I hope you are finding yourselves having a sweet Valentine's Day!  My regular readers know I am a homeschooling mom, so it is probably not a huge surprise that I would give my kiddos things like paints and pencils for Valentine's Day.  Presentation is everything when you want to make something practical more special and fun.

Of course, I want to share these with my readers!  Click here to download and/or print via Google Drive.  Print on bright white card stock.  Punch a hole in one corner, then tie around a small bottle of kid's washable paint.

This is just one simple and sweet way to turn something practical, into a great little gift that your kids will have fun with.



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Simple Happy Valentines, Free and Printable

These Simple Happy Valentines are perfect.  They are super clean and chic, and have messages on them that are perfect to give to anyone.  My 12-year old daughter helped me come up with the messages on a few of them, so while they are suitable for littles, they are definitely tween friendly too!

Each card measures 2.5 x 4.5-inches.  Print on bright white card stock for best results.  Cut and enjoy! Download and/or print here via Google Docs.

I hope you are having a great week!


We love you BEARY much! Treat Bag Toppers

Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a very happy Valentine's week!  My kiddos are excited about getting to have cupcakes and receiving a few treats for Valentine's Day! Last year my husband and I gave them each their favorite candy with a cute Valentine's greeting attached.  It was super inexpensive and very quick to pull together, and best of all... they LOVED it!  I shared the treats last year as an idea, but I didn't share the printable greetings. (You can see last year's post here.)  Which is shocking to me because I usually share the printables I make!  I am thinking it must have been an extra busy week!

To top it all off though, I must not have saved 2 of the greetings.  I am telling ya, it must have been an outrageous week for me!  I did however manage to save the "We love you BEARY much, Valentine!" greeting.  So hooray!  So this year, finally, I am going to share this printable greeting with you.  

You can download the "We love you BEARY much, Valentine!" greeting here via Google Docs. For best results, print onto bright white card stock.  I like a card stock with at least a weight of 110. Cut and fold.  Staple or use double sided tape to attach the greeting to a treat bag.  This greeting measures approximately 4-inches tall by 5.5 inches wide.

Thanks for visiting today!  I hope you enjoy the printable!