Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"U Rock Valentine!" Printable Valentine Tags

I hope you are finding yourself off to a great week!  Yesterday I shared a Tween Printable Valentine and idea using extra party stuff I have accumulated from my children's birthday parties.  Today I am sharing these cute "U Rock Valentine!" tags (click here to download them) and another idea from my daughter's Rock-Star birthday party.
First of all, if you want to keep things really simple you can purchase some Pop-Rocks Candy and tie a bit of twine or ribbon around the packages and add these tags, OR if you are feeling a little crafty and looking for an easy DIY project, you can try to make some microphones like the ones in the photo above.  They are simple to make, but you do need a few things.

Make Your Own DIY Microphone


Shatterproof Christmas ornaments, (silver is great!)
Hot glue (and hot glue gun)


Heat glue gun.  Cut your tubular foam pipe insulation into about 5-inch lengths. Pipe your hot glue onto one end of the foam pipe insulation. Turn Christmas ornaments upside down and insert down onto the pipe insulation, pressing until the glue sets.  

Print the tags onto 110 card stock, cut into rows, and punch them out with a 2-inch circle craft punch.  
Super easy!

I hope you enjoy the printable tags!


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