Shelley is a self-taught printable and graphic designer.  She is also a mother of 3, wife, and homeschooler.  Shelley has always loved art, paper, and design.  Growing up Shelley had a slight obsession with, and an extensive collection, of stationary! She was known to beg her mother to take her to scrap-book and craft shops. She also wanted to be a cartoonist and attended classes at an early age, however, after a small part in a school play, she fell in love with Theater.  She attended college with a concentration in Theater Arts, most enjoying the design and construction of stage sets and special effects.

Shelley ultimately married and fell in love with motherhood!  Before the days of Pinterest and blogging, Shelley loved designing special parties and treats for her young children. She recalls planning her daughter a darling Valentine's themed birthday party in Pre-Kindergarten, where all of her daughter's friends made the sweetest handmade valentines, with fun, albeit "cheesy", messages! She also designed a cowboy themed party for her oldest son's 1st birthday, complete with a homemade horse cake, and later, a very colorful crayon themed party for his 3rd birthday, solely inspired by his love of coloring! She has planned them many charming parties since then, but to this day the crayon themed party still reigns as one of her very favorites!

Visit Shelley's PaperCharm shop on Etsy for purchasable printable and handmade designs.  After finding your favorite printable party designs in her Etsy shop, make planning your event easier with a visit to Charm Your Party by PaperCharm Designs (powered by Amazon) where you will find hand-picked party items that coordinate with PaperCharm's Etsy shop designs.  

Shelley can be contacted easily via her social media and email icons, which can easily be found on PaperCharm's sidebar.

Feel free to look around as long and as often as you like!  If you see a free design on PaperCharm that you would like to have, don't hesitate to contact Shelley.  She is always happy to share!

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