Friday, January 10, 2014

Friendship Loom Party & Printables Sneak Peek!

Welcome to PaperCharm!  I am glad you came by!  It may be a short while before I decide on the design for the blog. However, I wanted to share this sneak peek with you of the Looming Themed Party we are having for my daughter tomorrow.  How fun are these gumball party favors to send home with her friends?  I am loving how colorful this party is!

These paper straws were cute just how they were, but how fun are these paper straw accessories?

Stay tuned to PaperCharm for the full party post.  I will be sharing the something printable from this party as well.  It will be for followers of PaperCharm only.  You can follow PaperCharm here via Google+ or on Facebook.  

Hoping your are off to a great weekend!



  1. I wanted to share this sneak peek with you of the Rainbow Loom Themed Party "bracelet.

  2. How can I dl the printable labels? Thanks

  3. Hi I have started following you on Facebook. How do I get the free printable thank you party favor tag?