Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools' Day Orange Soda Prank

Hey guys!  Tomorrow is April Fools' Day!  Do you have a harmless prank or two planned for the occasion?  Well, if you are looking for one, I have one to offer. This prank is very simple and fun. First though, let me offer you a refreshing glass of chilled orange Crush...

Okay... so you already know this is a prank, hence the title of the post!  I had to play a little though. ;)   These orange Crush look-alikes are the product of orange JELL-O!  How easy is that?  How this little joke works is, the recipient of the "beverage" goes to take a drink, but nothing comes out!  My children were the recipients of this little trick.  I called them to the kitchen asking, "Would anyone like some Crush?"  When they came in I had their "drinks" ready for them, and I was sipping away at an actual glass of orange Crush, with the 2-liter soda bottle on the kitchen island.

When planning a practical joke, you want to consider the one who is on the receiving end of the joke. You don't want to offend anyone and you want them to have fun. Since my kids love orange Crush, but they only get it occasionally, I thought this prank would be fun for them!  After I fooled them I had the real drink to offer them.

All you need is a pack or 2 of orange JELL-O.  I bought the box that makes 8 (1/2 cup) servings.  I needed enough to prank my 3 kiddos.  This was the perfect amount.  It filled up 3 of these little glass milk bottles and there was a tad left over.  Be sure to plan ahead as the traditional method of making JELL-O needs 4 hours of chill time before the dessert sets.  This prank is just happy, clean fun!  It's perfect for kids. After the prank they have a snack to enjoy!  

What pranks are you planning for April Fools'?

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