Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free Printable Purple Polka Dot Take-Out Box

Every now and then a fan will tell me they are looking for something in particular, and I just can't help myself.. I have to create it!  This week a fan saw my Rainbow Seamless Polka Dot Paper Pack and expressed that she was looking for take-out style boxes in the papers that I was offering.  I created a small take-out box template and added one of my papers to it.  It came out pretty darling so I wanted to offer one for free on the blog.  The complete set of these take-out boxes include each color of the rainbow.  You can purchase the complete set here.  It is an instant download so will be able to get creating right away!

The template fits on a letter size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches).  It's a small take-out box and is perfect for party favors.  I filled this one with a bunch of gumballs!  

Request, by email, this polka dot take-out box.  Print on white, 110-weight card stock.  Cut box out. Follow the white lines that separate the bottom tabs, and cut slits just up to the perpendicular white line. These tabs will form the bottom of your take-out box.  Fold and score along the remaining white lines. Form box. Use a glue stick to glue the tab, on the far left of this template, to the inside of the joining side (the side of the box shown on the far right of this template).  Fold bottom flaps in, and glue 2 together to form bottom.  Fold top flaps down.  You can also punch holes in sides of box and add a ribbon handle.  In addition you can seal top flaps with a sticker, twine, or cut coordinating slits in the 2 large flaps and interlock them to seal.

I hope you will enjoy the take-out box!



  1. this is terrific! My favorite color too. I hope you will share at my hop today. Hugs

  2. PURPLE!! awesome :) stopping by from the back porch. Pinning to share.