Sunday, January 12, 2014

Friendship Loom Party

We had a wonderful time celebrating our lovely daughter's 11th birthday with a Friendship Loom  Party! 

My daughter loves Rainbow Loom.  She carries her kit with her everywhere!  When I suggested the idea of a Friendship Loom Birthday Party, of course she was all for it!

I wanted to incorporate the idea of the rainbow into the party without her party having a full-on" rainbow" theme. My inspiration for the party was the loom kit and activity itself, with all of its bright and lively color combinations and her love of looming!  The white elements in the party made all of the colors pop.  There was such an energy and glow about this party that really reflected our daughter,which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this theme.

The Rainbows To Go treats and a little bit of rainbow clip art added just enough rainbow flair to the party.  The blue hearts on the printables and the fondant heart on the cake added more to the tween feel of the party and gave everything an extra sweet touch.  

Chevron, polka dots, and stripes kept the eyes interested and the personalized printables gave everything a thoughtful and polished presentation.

The cake was a big hit at the party!

I made quite a lovely mess cutting the cake as the girls crowded around in anticipation to see what the inside looked like.  The girls were tickled over how big each slice of cake was!

The girls came prepared with their loom kits and shared with friends that didn't have one. They enjoyed refreshments, listened to music, and loomed to their heart's content. Crayons and a paper table runner were also provided at the looming table in the event any of the girls wanted to leave her creative mark with a pretty message for the birthday girl!

Sweet friends, fresh snacks, yummy cake, and of course a lot of looming, made this birthday party a blast!  It was absolutely a  joy designing this party for my daughter.  Her excitement over every detail was priceless!    

I hope you enjoyed a look at our Friendship Loom themed party and I hope it inspires you! 

If you are looking for Loom Party Invitations and coordinating party items, come visit me in my Etsy shop!  If you can't find them, please let me know and I will be happy to make a custom listing for you!


Printables and party styling by Shelley Robertson of PaperCharm.  


  1. This party is adorable! Love the rainbow snacks. Pinning this to my party board. Love the new look, Shelley!

  2. Jan 12,My daughter loves Rainbow Loom. She carries her kit with her everywhere! When I suggested the idea of a Rainbow Loom birthday party of
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