Saturday, February 14, 2015

"YODA BEST!" Valentine's Gift Tags

Have I mentioned how incredible my kids are?  Well, they are!  I absolutely adore them!  This very valentine below, was my youngest child's favorite!  Who would have thought?  I knew he would be tickled over the whole "YODA BEST!" greeting, but the fact that the toothbrush not only has Yoda on it, but it also stands on its own... well that was awesome in his eyes! 

I personally love the simple design of the tag.  It's super kid friendly, but very charming.  Since this was such a fun Valentine for my little guy to receive, I want to make sure I make it available so you and yours can enjoy it, too!  

Click here to download and/or print via Google Drive.  Print on bright white card stock.  Cut out and punch a whole in the top.  Attach to gift with some ribbon.  Very simple and really cute.

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